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[Official MV] กล้ามั้ย (N.E.X.T) – ALL KAMIKAZE

Special Single ใหม่ล่าสุดที่จะไม่ปล่อยให้ใครมาฉุดรั้งความกล้าในตัวคุณอีกต่อ...

Say Yes (Ost. Moon Lovers) - Punch (펀치) & Loco (로꼬) - [Isabelle & Sky Park Cover]

Cover version of Say Yes by Punch (펀치) & Loco (로꼬). The song is in the Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo (S. Korea Serie).

My Emi Nitta Card Collection 2016 -

Now i have collection of my two Babies...Yeeeee...- So Happy...!! (My Birthday Gift).

Act Like a Boy - (Angie KAMIKAZE)

I just love how the way she acts but deep inside was she's feminine and so much love to give!

[ Angie , Nicole , Elena ][ vlog#3 ] surprise for elena ?

hi guys !! here's the video of we celebrating elena's birthday ! Hope you guys enjoy !! don't forget to subscribe , like and comment ...

See You Again - Wiz Khalifa (Ultra Short Version)

A nice compromise if someone wants to listen to this song but YOU happen to have common sense.

EXO- By Fusiional #Angie

Just watch bruh ;)


Покрасил двигатель,поменял патрубки,прокладки,короче обслужил.Поставил его на своё место,теперь буду зани...

Корейская и Тайская любовь❤ (GD X TAEYANG - GOOD BOY) - Оригинал.

Weektage [F] | By KZ and StRiK | Third Weektage

ღ ! Important , jette un coup d'œil ! ღ▽ Yo les gars , on se retrouve aujourd'hui pour un weektage dédié a Razzer notre mascotte ...

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